Writing, Iguanas, and Electronics

Welcome to my personal website!

This website is where I document the 16-bit TTL computer I am building. If you are looking for Tom and Piper, please visit my other website. If you are interested in my iguanas, I have YouTube playlists for Darwin and Lily.

Siglent 1104X-E Oscilloscope, Wanptek Power Supply, and a clock prototype

This site will mainly cover my electronics hobby and attempt to build a TTL based computer. I switched from an 8-bit design to a 16-bit design in October, so the 8-bit section is mainly historical and incomplete. The early 16-bit portion will be light on detail as well, mainly due to a conflict between work, my personal life, and rapid prototyping of PCBs. Moving forward, I will try to document the development process with as much detail as I can stand.