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SUB Instruction

The "B"-register is subtracted from the Data Bus, with the result stored in the ALU Output Cache Register.

Subtraction with Borrow

The SUB instruction treats the Data Bus as the "left side" of the addition, and the "B" register as the "right side". The reasoning for this is the "left side" has Decrement and Shift Left functionality that is missing from the "right side". When performing sequential decrements or shifts, this will save a transfer operation to copy the Output Cache Register to the "A" register.

When the SUB instruction sources memory for the "B" side of the equation, the source device must be main memory (binary id: 0011, hex id: 3), or the supplied 16-bit number will be ignored.

Usage Examples:
        Hex                Mnemonic                      Action

0650      ; SUB X, B          X - B -> OCR
06A0      ; SUB A, B          A - B -> OCR
0630      ; SUB #21FF, B   21FF - B -> OCR


Updates when Executed:

  • ALU Output Cache Register
  • Carry Flag
  • Zero Flag
  • Negative Flag