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Privacy Policy

Your information and privacy is safe! I will never share or use your information beyond the original intent... if you email me, I may email you back, but I will not add you to a newsletter or anything like that.

Cookies, Advertisements, and Tracking

We do not use cookies to track users or store personal information for visitors. If you become a member with login privileges, your browser may store convenience information and an ID cookie to maintain your login... but that is it.

We do not display third-party ads and do not belong to any orgianizations or partnerships that do . 

We use basic google analytics, for the purposes of developing a better website using statistical information, but we do not use any advanced features like audience demographics. If you are interested in learning more, you can find out more information from google.

Email and Personal Information

We will never sell or share your information with others, and will only contact you to respond to a request, or if you have signed up for a newsletter for whatever reason. If you have signed up for a newsletter, you can opt out at any time. We will not send newsletters more frequently than every month, and probably not more often than twice a year. Currently (December 2019), no newsletters are even planned.

Anyone who contacts the Stephen directly

Anyone that contacts Stephen directly, via email or otherwise, will not be added to the above lists (unless that is a specific request) and all correspondence will be direct. There will be no offer or announcement emails or other spam.

Giveaways and Contests

Everyone who helps with the beta reading process or reads an advance copy will be entered for a giveaway. the details of which to be provided by email before you receive your Beta or ARC copies. Winners will be selected by random, one week after the book release, and will be notified by email. Where a winner turns down a gift, a new winner will be selected a few weeks later.

Some additional giveaways, such as signed copies or posters, may be announced for people who loved the book. Because it does not make sense to send signed copies to anyone who disliked the book, a separate "thank you anyway" giveaway for people to might not want a signed copy will be arranged. The details of additional giveaways may not be announced until after the book has been released.