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Writing Update & Plans

I am working on my daily writing prompts as well as outlining three adventure novels and working a full time job, so my original publishing date plans have changed. Book one was planned for early December, book two for late January, and book three for March or April. Very optimistic, but I was expecting to have a final draft of book one go to editing by early October.

I want to start writing the first draft of book one on September 1st, with a goal of a complete first draft by the end of October. I will write book two in November, for NaNoWriMo, and then I plan to spend a few weeks in early December rewriting the first draft of book one. I will pass that off to some friends and family before I create a "final" draft and send it off for developmental edits. I should have it back by the end of January, with rewrites and beta readers taking up February and March of 2019. Line editing, followed by proof reading should occur in April, but may take two months so I will probably schedule formatting for June, and a July launch for book one.

During this time, I will be working on book two as well, with it lagging a couple of months behind book one for each step. This means that if book one is published in July, book two will be sent for line edits and posted for pre-order at the same time.

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