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Domain and Website Update

I registered a pair of domains today, and had them point to my existing hosting account.

The Official Website for Tom and Piper Books:

This will be a marketing website, primarily to promote the books among potential readers. I have a lot to learn about publishing, but most successful authors say that marketing has to start long before the book releases. I do not have any content or a design at the moment, but that will change as I work on the site over August. My goal is to have a basic site ready in September so that the official website is well established before anyone starts to look. 

The main sections for the site will probably be something like this:

Home Page

The World of Tom and Piper

Other Tom and Piper Books

Registration for Advance Reader Copies

Eventually, I will want to have Excerpts from the books, giveaways and contests, etc. For now, I have setup some placeholder pages and am working on design. With a basic design in place I can start working on decent content.

Parked short domain:

Both domains point to the same website for now.

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