Iguanas and Electronics

Lab Setup - December 2019

I still have a long way to go, as far as organizing all of the loose wires and components I have, but the actual work space is perfect for my needs. The "electronics lab" is basically just a folding table in a spare bedroom, but with a bench power supply and the Siglent 1104X-E oscilloscope, working on my project has really become a pleasure. The only thing I still need is a replacement for my dead laptop.

Most of my components are stored in boxes on shelves, but I pull whatever I need out and stage it to the left of where I sit. Directly in front of me is the oscilloscope, and whatever I am working on. When I am soldering, the TS-100 and solder are there as well. Beside the oscilloscope is a bench power supply. The wall behind the oscilloscope has helpful reference printouts, including pinouts of ICs I use frequently (see below). To the right of where I sit, I have an IKEA table that serves as storage for tools, prototype boards, extra wires... anything that I commonly need. I plan on replacing this with another shelving unit.

If you are interested in getting into electronics, you really only need a small work space, breadboards, and components. I only setup a permanent space in the last month, for the first five years I was working on my dining room table, out of boxes... packing everything up when I was done and pulling it back out again six months later when I had a day for it.

Sample Pinout Cheat-Sheet

I really find these helpful, even when I am working with components I have memorized.

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